Yes, I transcribed Lee's testimony on last night's BSG.
Jaime totally owned that courtroom )

*bounces on couch squeeing*

whew... I think I will need a 2nd or 3rd viewing to decompress this finale.

But OMG, I am so glad I didn't read the spoilers for this episode, aside from that "mistake" peek at the final 4 cylons. Still waiting on the 5th tho.

And look no further, this squee-laden "review" will be full of spoilers.
There must be some way out of here, )
First impressions since I won't be able to stay up for the 2nd showing most likely. I am trying really hard to avoid the spoilers for these last two episodes but unfortunately, my prying eyes did see the first sentence of "The Big Spoilers" as to who the five cylons are. I was a bad girl. But I refuse to read anymore. I really hope some spoilers come out tonight.
Things are changing, Felix )
First viewing impressions. 2nd viewing in 60 min.

Wiping the tears from my cheeks. I didn't think I would be affected like this. After all, I did read the damn spoilers for months now.
'All of this has happened before, and it will happen again', said Leoben of Cylon pasts. Clanking chains not included. )
I am sure Gaeta fans were not pleased about Felix being regulated to a short "hidden" scene at the end of the show tonight. Well skiffy has the full scene online for a short time so I grabbed some screen shots. The scene is great by the way.

So yeah, Roslin's coming over again
Roslin and Adama...nah..... )
The Short of it: Adama gets his very own Head!Wife on his anniversary. Poor guy.
Sir, I seem to have turned this thing into a full blown FUBAR )
Tonight we tackled racism in this week's BSG (ahem, After school special) with Karl, once again, being the moral compass of the fleet.
Spoilers abound )
Yay! BSG goodness! Never a big fan of Kat but I think she got a good exit. Woulda been interesting to see if she survived how her relationship with Kara would have been. Or even her friendship with dad. I think Kat supplanted Kara as surrogate daughter after the relocation to NC.

*Gaeta Death Glare 2000! Directed squarely at Pirate Tigh as he made his slow clap entrance into CIC. Go AJ, you rock my world! Wonder if that was an AJ thing or direction from the script.
*Pilot!Radation. Damn the kids looked really rough in this eppie. I was waiting for them to start spitting out their teeth while they had their lil pow wow on the deck after one of the outbound flights.
*Paper Shortage Laugh-a-Thon courtesy of the old BFFs
*Pretty Helo. Pilot Helo! Looks like Karl is back to being flyboy and no longer XO. Oh well, it was great while it lasted.
*I like that we got to see the pilot board showing more names/nicks of the flykids. Anyone screenshot or write them down?
*Cylon 3somes! Baltar is still getting both ladies which I love. Am I the only one who thinks that Gaius and Three are more interesting together lately? CapricaSix bores me now and Three has such a cool storyline with the suicide and searching for god. Not to say suicide if cool, but I think Three’s growth as a person is intriguing. Too bad she is a guest star. I would love to see her become part of the regular cast. How much fun would it be if Gaius and Three both escaped the basestar and were brought on board the Galactica. I think a story of these two “misfits” finding themselves would be cool. What if Three wanted to be human while it is appearing that Gaius wants to be Cylon. What if her searching reveals that she is has become human. Multiple suicide shows her the face of god and her humanity. Perhaps Leoben is going thru the same things with his multiple downloads courtesy of Kara. Three must be having the migraine from hell if she is doing a daily suicide. I wonder if the other cylons are at least wondering why she is ending up in the tub’o’goo every day. I smell a fic needing to be written. Anyone?
*And I think Three and Gaius are hot together.
*I liked assertive Baltar. I am over his cowardly weasel crap. Like how he is wanting to find out if he is cylon so he prove he was a hero to one race, rather than the traitor to the other. Part of me almost wants him to be proved cylon.
*Nice special effects in this ep. Liked how the ships were burning off parts of their hulls in the radiation

Not so Loved:
*Lee showing up behind Kara at the memory wall at the end. I said to myself “oh Frak, not Lee” Of course I am not a K/L shipper, so I would have been happy just to see Kara angsty gaze at the pics. Insert scene of Lee spitting out teeth in the head later on. Heh

Looking forward to next week’s mid-season finale. I already squee’d over a certain scene with a certain pilot and a certain CBuc. Definately an eye-opener.

BSG - Hero

Nov. 17th, 2006 10:51 pm
Rambles and Meanders before I check out what everyone else is babbling

Ramble on )
My mind 'splodes
The Preview for Unfinished Business )
Okay, 10 min to the next showing.
Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but BSG kicks so much frakkin ass..

Small mental explosions commence, AKA spoilers )
Well last nights BSG left me depressed and disturbed. I wasn't expecting the whiz bang action of last weeks eppy, and while this one went in a different direction it was ultimately satisfying in a few different ways. It was very difficult to watch nonetheless.
My rambles about Collaborators )

If I was a James Bond villain, I would be Auric Goldfinger.

I enjoy golf, gold, and bisecting people with industrial lasers.

I am played by Gert Fröbe in Goldfinger.

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