2007-03-26 10:47 pm
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Because I am a geek and I loved Lee on the stand...

Yes, I transcribed Lee's testimony on last night's BSG.
Jaime totally owned that courtroom )
2007-03-25 11:03 pm
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BSG - Crossroads pt. 2


*bounces on couch squeeing*

whew... I think I will need a 2nd or 3rd viewing to decompress this finale.

But OMG, I am so glad I didn't read the spoilers for this episode, aside from that "mistake" peek at the final 4 cylons. Still waiting on the 5th tho.

And look no further, this squee-laden "review" will be full of spoilers.
There must be some way out of here, )
2007-03-18 10:09 pm
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BSG - Crossroads pt 1

First impressions since I won't be able to stay up for the 2nd showing most likely. I am trying really hard to avoid the spoilers for these last two episodes but unfortunately, my prying eyes did see the first sentence of "The Big Spoilers" as to who the five cylons are. I was a bad girl. But I refuse to read anymore. I really hope some spoilers come out tonight.
Things are changing, Felix )
2007-03-04 11:00 pm
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BSG - Maelstrom

First viewing impressions. 2nd viewing in 60 min.

Wiping the tears from my cheeks. I didn't think I would be affected like this. After all, I did read the damn spoilers for months now.
'All of this has happened before, and it will happen again', said Leoben of Cylon pasts. Clanking chains not included. )
2007-02-19 03:36 am
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BSG stuff again - A Felix Fix... in pics

I am sure Gaeta fans were not pleased about Felix being regulated to a short "hidden" scene at the end of the show tonight. Well skiffy has the full scene online for a short time so I grabbed some screen shots. The scene is great by the way.

So yeah, Roslin's coming over again
Roslin and Adama...nah..... )
2007-02-18 11:17 pm
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BSG - A Day in the Life

The Short of it: Adama gets his very own Head!Wife on his anniversary. Poor guy.
Sir, I seem to have turned this thing into a full blown FUBAR )
2007-02-11 11:43 pm
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BSG - The Woman King

Tonight we tackled racism in this week's BSG (ahem, After school special) with Karl, once again, being the moral compass of the fleet.
Spoilers abound )