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First impressions since I won't be able to stay up for the 2nd showing most likely. I am trying really hard to avoid the spoilers for these last two episodes but unfortunately, my prying eyes did see the first sentence of "The Big Spoilers" as to who the five cylons are. I was a bad girl. But I refuse to read anymore. I really hope some spoilers come out tonight.

The Shiny:
No opening with teaser. I actually wish they would do this for each episode. It gives more time for the show.

Sam in BDUs... interesting. And he got a haircut. hmmmmm

Return of Head!Baltar is always a good thing :)

So far I am being swayed pretty well by Romo in this trial. I don't want Lee in uniform at the defense table. It portrays the military as giving some support for the defendant.

Was Laura drinking? I am thinkin yeah

Oh poor Saul.... I feel bad for the old guy. And the music again... one would think he is going nutso.. but I think not at this junction

And Seelix is laying hands upon my Sam. Hey, he is still in mourning. Oh and where the hell is his crutches? How long ago did he break his leg? Or does he have Sharon powers of healing... hmmmmmm?

The Return of Connor the barkeep. with a new haircut as well.

HOLY FRAKIN GODS... the music!!!! The Music!!!!! its a trigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flails wildly*
Oh Sam... Oh Tory.... oh crap yay!
I think Sam has those "special" powers of healing.

Oh geez, I just looked at the clock.... this ep is flying by

The cancer is back. frak. Yet, it does bring back the whole Dying Leader prophecy, which has been brought up since the whole magic hybrid baby blood cure. I actually like this. And it was obvious that Bill was in on the secret. Probably one reason why we had the little scene a few eps ago with him sitting at her bedside in his bunk.

Where the FRAK is Zarek?????????

Dee left Lee.

Helo is back as XO. that man goes thru so many positions it makes my head spin.

Things are changing, Felix. There is a storm coming.

To be continued


Frak me if that wasn't Sam saying "Its true. We are Cylons"

The Fraks:
No Zarek or Jake.

BSG cliffhangers always kick ass. And this one didn't fail in that regard. Me likey a LOT.

is it next week yet?
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