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First viewing impressions. 2nd viewing in 60 min.

Wiping the tears from my cheeks. I didn't think I would be affected like this. After all, I did read the damn spoilers for months now.

The Shiny:
Sam appearance. yay.
Leoben or rather Head!Leoben scenes! I really loved CKR in his scenes with KS. Their up against the painty wall sex was uber hot.
Laura sighting! With Adama!
I really dig the Oracles.
I know we have been building up slowly over season 3 to destroy Kara and have her take a dive off the deep end. But this was just painful to watch. Yet fascinating to see how/why she is frakked up in the first place.
Gun Camera! wheee. Pilots!
Hotdog all concerned over Kara's wet dreams of Leoben. heh. I have much love for Hotdog.

The Shrugs:
The bonus scene. whatever. Would have been cooler if we had a cozy scene with Bill and Laura.

The Frakked:
Is she really dead? Is this the last we see of Leoben in all his streamy glory? Why couldn't it be Cally?
Still no Jake sighting.

Overall, I loved this episode. Now, I know Kara cannot be dead. After all, why would Cylons and Oracles both say she has a destiny, and then have her go and blow up over a planet. Seems kind of a waste if you ask me. I think she is transcended or..... she actually ejected from the viper before the big boom. We did see her hand hovering over the eject handle. And, we did see the Cylon heavy raider from Lee's cockpit as it flitted through the clouds in front of Kara. I don't think he saw it though. oops, my bad, he did see it. I had a small memory lapse. So.....it is feasible that Leoben was in the heavy raider and Kara ejected and he rescued her. And RDM and Co. will frak with us and leave KS off the credits till next season. Because she will be back... I refuse to believe she is gone. yeah.
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