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The Short of it: Adama gets his very own Head!Wife on his anniversary. Poor guy.

A Day in the Life was basically what I thought it was going to be, introspective and character revealing. Not a lot on the action, since it has been 45+ days since they have seen a cylon contact. Unlike the frakkers on the Skiffy boards who are screaming about how the show has become a soap opera, I like these eps where we delve into heads of the characters.

This episode was about isolation, literal and figurative. Cally and Chief become trapped and cut off from the rest of the ship. While Bill is isolated from the crew, his son, his family, everyone he loves. While one could say that the confines of rank demand this distance, I think Bill has a history of doing this. This is apparent in the dissolution of his marriage and lack of contact with his sons. I think Laura is attempting to slowly chip away that isolation.

The Shiny:

-Bill and Laura scenes! Scenes of talking bout each other in hypothetical vaguey terms! Scenes with Laura! Lots of Yay there! Now what to make of all this now. Looked almost as if Bill is struggling with himself as to whether he should move on, perhaps with Laura. The tantalizing tidbits of Laura saying she wanted to spend more time on the Galactica. References to their time on NC! There was tons of Shiny with Bill and Laura tonite. I am sure a dozen or so fics are being scribbled out as I type this all centering around Laura in the workout room.
-Hotdog has a rash! bahahah I love how Helo and Athena both move away from him when he mentions it while scratching his crotch
-It's nice to see a full pilot room at briefing

The Shrugs:

-The Chief and Cally B story in the freezy cold of space. It was nice that we got to see a little more of why they have been fighting, but usually anything with Cally makes me yawn. I was thinking Seelix and Chief make a better couple. No idea where that idea came from. At least Chief and Cally got to move out into a private room. I missed on the first viewing that Tyrol suggested that Lee and Dee raise Nicky if they die.
-Small bit of movement on the Baltar trial. I like the idea of Lee moving into the law field.
-Continuity issues - the blanket on Nicky when Chief picked him up out of his crib. First it was on him, next scene it wasn't and it was in the diaper bag Cally tossed at him. Also, the wedding picture frame in the Adama house was square. Um, square?

The Frak:

No Anders :(
Cally lived.

The Bonus Scene:

Yay! I want more of this scene. I saw AJ's name in the credits but he didn't have any lines during the whole eppie, till the missing scene. I really hope Skiffy puts the rest of the scene online. I love how the crew is talking about how much time Bill and Laura spend together. Felix and Dee all with the gossip. Love it

Next week looks very interesting with Chief getting all Union Boss-like again, and in the brig. heh
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