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Tonight we tackled racism in this week's BSG (ahem, After school special) with Karl, once again, being the moral compass of the fleet.

The Shiny:

Zarek!!! Can I just Yay about that again.
Head!Gaius another huge Yay!!! I am so squeeing over the fact that we get clean shaven Gauis in his awesome suit, messing with Caprica. And how awesome was it that Laura and Tory are watching Caprica talking and kissing invisible Baltar. I wish they could put two and two together and make the connection that Caprica's odd mannerisms are very similar to Baltar's when he got all wiggy and zoned out.
Helo clocking Tigh. I let out an OMGods on that one, with a hand to the mouth in glee. That was fraking a long time coming. And how cool was it that Tigh seemed to garner a bit more respect for him due to it. heh
Felix isn't in the brig! Yay!
And how bout that scene at Joe's with all the pilots and officers! I love seeing them all relaxing and playing games. And yay Felix at the bar! And yay Racetrack getting a date.
Just a little sidenote, anyone catch that friendly pat from Kara to Sharon while they were in the hallway.
Thank you for finally showing some actually family life on Galactica. The Agathons make a great family unit.

The Shrugs:

The special scene. Um, 30 seconds of Helo admitting he killed the captive cylons during Measure. I want to know when this scene was supposed to be placed. I got the feeling it was right at the end after Adama apologizes to him. Too short of a scene. I really want to see the end of it. The boards were/are still burning up about how Helo gets away with everything and how he is a traitor. We really need to see this scene resolved.

The Fraks:

WTF? once again we get glimpses of scenes of previous episodes that we never saw before. Case in point, Helo being put in charge of refugees on Galactica, when I seem to remember Dee doing that job during The Passage. Another one I recall, Gaeta mentioning in CIC that there were a group of Sagittarons with the refugees. I think there was at least one more but since I am going by memory of the first viewing, I have to wait to watch again. It really pisses me off when they do this.
Enough with the fraking glances between Lee and Kara. We get it. Quit with the anvil over the head. At least Lee wasn't looking at Kara.
Tyrol is a racist? Hmmm, him being from a religious background, albeit not a practicing worshipper, seems to hate the Sagittarons, known for their uber religious beliefs. This just sounds off for this character. Especially since lately, he has been connecting more and more with religious side of things.

The overall muses:

Hmmmm very interesting Helo-centric stand alone episode. Didn't move along the main arc, but did give some tidbits about the upcoming trial of Baltar. Yay Zarek sighting!

And next week, we have Tyrol and Cally in a cold airless dilemma. I wonder if the Canadians got a different preview. Perhaps Cally will die. I'm just sayin' (I seen some pics.....)

edit: watched the beginning again. Another Previously we hadn't seen with Cally and Tyrol at work talking bout Helo getting transferred to the hanger deck to take care of the refugess. And Tyrol has a baby sling. LOL I guess they couldn't find a baby sitter that day for Nicholas.
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