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Nov. 17th, 2006 10:51 pm
[personal profile] cassiline66
Rambles and Meanders before I check out what everyone else is babbling

Just some random things upon first viewing. Will be watching the 2nd viewing in about an hour. Coherency may commence later

Saul Tigh owns nearly every single scene he is in. In the few times he was on screen, he ruled. My Saul love is returning.
Especially this scene. We got bloody Adama and pissed off Bulldog. And Saul just growls his way to owning the scene

Two words: Pirate Tigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love seeing Cottle in uniform. Cottle ranks right up there with Greg House as my fave gruff Docs.

Kara and Saul working together. It was beautiful. He owned the scene again.

Oh the angst! Yeah Bill... you got used by the Admiralty. Suck it up. I must say I really dug the scene between Lee and Bill. oh the tears....

Is Kara visiting a tanning booth?

Helo is still XO! Yay!

I am glad they didn't take the easy way out and kill off Bulldog. I didn't think I would like his character but I definately dig him now. I love that he exposed the AdamAngst.

The last scene between Saul and Bill was definately needed. I can see Tigh finally talking to Bill as bringing him back from that edge. He is not ready to join the CIC (yay for more XO Helo) but it looks like he is ready to unburden his soul. Awesome Angsty men!

Laura was beautiful as always! Loved her and Tory working in the office and getting rid of that gods awful Baltar portrait. Hang it in the toilet!

Good to see that this promo shot was actually in the show. Most everyone was thinking Saul was back as XO, but this was actually on the Valkerie.

Ohhh the Cylon! I nearly forgot bout them. Luckily this wasn't a cylon centric eppie since we really needed some angst of the Adama kind. But Hello there nekkid 3 in bed with equally nekkid 6 and Baltar! Why didn't we get this scene!?? This better be part of the deleted scenes on the DVD.

I don't remember Baltar speaking once in this episode. wow.

So.... do cylons go visit god when they on their way to downloading? I really need to see this scene again with Three. Is she feeling love yet?

My mind 'splodes


Anders!!! Kara!!! Teh Sex! He wants her back!! *thud* Homegirl better take him back

BoxingBoxingBoxingBoxingBoxingBoxingBoxingBoxingBoxingBoxing! Sweaty Pilots! Bloody Pilots!

Adama and Tyrol!?? WTH?

Was that Lee in the after sex glow? on NC? Bet he and Kara did the nasty in the dirt. yuck. I am soooo not a Kara/Lee shipper

Lee and Helo!!! OMG YUM! Helo looking so F-ing hawt. I hope he beats Lee down.

Kara and Lee!! boxing and bloody. Awesome

I seriously am jonsing to see this episode. I especially have to see me some flashback to NC with Bill and Laura. I would like to think I am seeing some post coital glow happening. At least they are horizontal and smoking.

Kara still sporting the tanning booth glow.

Okay, 10 min to the next showing.
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