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Well last nights BSG left me depressed and disturbed. I wasn't expecting the whiz bang action of last weeks eppy, and while this one went in a different direction it was ultimately satisfying in a few different ways. It was very difficult to watch nonetheless.

The Circle *of Justice and death*
Authorized by the President to be the judge, jury and executioner to those that collaborated. First time I heard them say "the President" I thought Roz is already in office, that was fast I guess. Nope, Tom Zarek. I had a hard time watching their scenes, especially executing Jammer. Yes, Jammer deserved to be punished, but he really never had a fair chance to defend himself. There could be something said for those that collaborated were doing what they did because they thought they could help the humans, and not do it to help just themselves. I don't think Jammer was in the NCP for selfish reasons but he thought he could help. This was made apparent in the Webisodes. Poor misguided Jammer.
The executions affected the Circle as well as evidenced by the various reactions of grief(Connor), disgust(Sam) and disillusionment (Chief).

Tom *weasel VP*
I really did like that what he was doing was meant to clear the way for Laura to have a clean slate presidential office. Yet, he is still sneaky. I love that about him. I am very excited to see him as VP to Laura now. Those crazy kids got the chemistry oozing.
He was exactly right about avoiding draw out courts and prosecutions. It would turn into neighbor getting revenge on neighbor and drag the courts into a quagmire. Justice would grind to a halt. I don't agree with his methods, but I understand them, much like everything else about Tom Zarek.

Tyrol *ethical issues R us*
Poor Chief, those ethical issues are a bitch. I am glad he heard at the last minute about the dog food bowl, saving Felix. I wonder how much this will be affecting him this season. How much will he question himself about the executions. Were their any others that were innocent? Yay Angst!

Kara *anger girl and her amazing angst*
Good bye Kara, Hello PTSD girl. Well we all knew it was going to happen, the destruction of the marriage, but all the same watching it happen was painful. Kara is slowly coming apart at the seams and there doesn't appear to be anything to slow it down. Her goading of Gaeta in the dining area start the reveal of her ruthlessness and anger towards everything. Didja notice how the room cleared out as the others saw her laying into Felix. They all expected her to pummel him and none of them would be there to help the traitor, Gaeta.
She is crying out for help but she doesn't know how to get it. All this pain is killing her and pushing Sam away was the safest thing for him in her tortured mind. She doesn't want to "scratch out his eyes" so pushing him away makes it safer for both of them.
I hated her in this episode. But I loved her as well. This is going to be a very bad season for her.

Anders *sleeveless wonderboy*
Oh how I love you. I love that you walked away from the Circle in disgust. I love that you still are sporting no sleeves. Yum
Why did you walk away from your obviously mentally damaged wife? I think this was probably the worse thing he could have done but when faced with a near insane Kara, but it was probably safer for him. I wish he had kept the dogtags. I could at least hold out some kind of hope of a future reconcilation. I hope TPTB are smart and make Sam a reoccuring character and give him something to do without being Kara's prop. I think he would be useful in the military or possibly working for the President. The boy has leadership skills out the wazoo, make use of them. Plus he looks great without sleeves.

Tigh *hiccup*
Oh boy, you really showed your ass this time. Drunk in the CIC and growling at Adama, not a good first day back in the saddle. Ok, maybe it wasn't it first day back, maybe it was the second. I truly don't think he is going to last in the XO position much longer. How sad was it seeing him hanging up Ellen's clothes? Yeah, he was an asshole in this ep, but you still wanna hug him. Well sometimes.

Baltar *dream boy*
Oddly, I wasn't as invested in watching the the soap opera on Chateau le Basestar. Perhaps next week I will be more interested in robot kids and their toys, but this week was all collaborator fallout for me.

Gaeta *I won't beg*
The Best for Last. This was a standout ep for our boy Felix and I for one am very glad TPTB are giving him so much screentime. Everything comes in full circle (no pun intended) regarding this character. If it wasn't for Gaeta, Baltar wouldn't have been elected leading to Gina using the nuke, and then settlement on New Caprica. If Gaeta hadn't been the mole to the resistance and provided them with frequency coordinates, they would never have been able to contact the Galactica's raptor. His actions almost destroyed the human race and yet also saved them. That is a lot for his shoulders to bear.
I keep wondering if after the Circle discovered the truth about his help back on NC, did they reveal this info to the public or the military. One would think no, since Gaeta is still getting the cold shoulder from the crew in the dining room at the end of the show. Nice touch having Chief join him in silence at the table.

Jake *I'm still hungry*
Where is this fine canine? I call upon RDM to explain himself on this matter. Did they rescue the dog?
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